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Al Shamly Trading FZE is one of the leading companies in air -condition and refrigeration, in Dubai. Established in the year 2005, and founded by Mr. Ali Hadi Salman. It continues to grow on its quality products, competitive prices and excellent sales service  and has experienced rapid growth ever since.We  specialized  in the distribution  of liquefied gas  , Ventilation, Air Conditioning and refrigeration industries, offering a wide range of products like HCFCs, HFCs, HCs & Natural refrigerants .

Company has a very strong position in the industry. We have put up a large network of satisfied customers in UAE, Other Middle-East Countries and some African Countries. We are globally reckoned as a premier supply in air -condition and refrigeration industry. Company is fully dedicated to provide the best quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and their gladness. Our technological knowledge and capacity for innovation allow us to develop new products to meet our customers’ needs at all times, complying with legal requirements and offering the best guarantees.


We are expanding !


Introducing our new brand for Refrigerant gas   Espanyolo®  The first refrigerants gas   are used wherever cooling or refrigeration are required, including home air conditioners, appliances, automobiles, food processing, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, chillers, and supermarkets.

The company is fully oriented towards customer satisfaction by providing the right products for our customers’ processes.The company constantly makes every effort to keep it commitments and therefore enjoys an exceptionally sounding reputation in the industry with a close interaction with buyers by satisfying their objectives.


This has proven to be the key factor behind our success.

A team of people with a common project, with expertise and commitment to their work.

          “Our customers’ success is  our  success”

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